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Before Starting

Your vehicle must be raised a minimum of 36 inches. A floor hoist is ideal. If no hoist is available, we strongly urge the use of axle stands as a safety measure. CAUTION! Your car should not be supported on a bumper jack.

Installation Procedure Please Read Carefully

  1. Bolt header flange plate to the head (Pipes numbered L-1 through L-4 are for the left side of the car).
  2. Tube L-1 should be placed in the #1 or first cylinder.
  3. Trim or shorten the tube so that the first bend is the desired length.
  4. Slide cover tube over number 1 tube and hold up to flange. Mark angle and cut cover tube so that it will sit flush against flange.
  5. Tack weld inner tube to inside of flange (Heli-arc welding process is best). Tack weld cover tube to outside of flange.
  6. Follow the same procedure for installation of remaining tubes.
  7. When satisfied that all angles are correct. Finish weld header.
  8. Right Side: Repeat operations beginning with pipe R-1.


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