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Plastic Caps & Plugs

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Caps and plugs are made from high-quality plastic and are designed to fasten to AN threads 3-20. A Quick and Inexpensive way to cap off any loose plumbing hoses or other parts for storage.

Plastic Caps & Plugs

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JAZ-730-000-11 AN CAP & PLUG KIT AN6-AN16 4ea. $22.76 $16.99
X-840003.10 PLASTIC CAP AN3 (10 ea) $4.75 $3.47
X-840004.10 PLASTIC CAP AN4 (10 ea) $4.75 $3.47
X-840006.10 PLASTIC CAP AN6 (10 ea) $4.75 $3.47
X-840008.10 PLASTIC CAP AN8 (10 ea) $4.75 $3.47
X-840010.10 PLASTIC CAP AN10 (10 ea) $7.85 $5.72
X-840012.10 PLASTIC CAP AN12 (10 ea) $11.35 $8.28
X-840016.10 PLASTIC CAP AN16 (10 ea) $11.35 $7.10
X-850003.10 PLASTIC PLUG AN3 (10 ea) $4.75 $3.47
X-850004.10 PLASTIC PLUG AN4 (10 ea) $4.75 $3.47
X-850006.10 PLASTIC PLUG AN6 (10 ea) $4.75 $3.47
X-850008.10 PLASTIC PLUG AN8 (10 ea) $4.75 $3.47
X-850010.10 PLASTIC PLUG AN10 (10 ea) $7.85 $5.72
X-850012.10 PLASTIC PLUG AN12 (10 ea) $11.35 $8.28
X-850016.10 PLASTIC PLUG AN16 (10 ea) $11.35 $7.10


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