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EPR O-Rings

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Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) O-Rings are specially made to work with either Gasoline, Alcohol, or Nitro.

EPR O-RingStat-O-SealCrush Washers

O-Rings & Washers

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X-803003 O-RINGS EPR AN3 (10ea.) $5.57 $4.06
X-803004 O-RINGS EPR AN4 (10ea.) $6.36 $4.64
X-803006 O-RINGS EPR AN6 (10ea.) $7.61 $5.55
X-803008 O-RINGS EPR AN8 (10ea.) $7.61 $5.55
X-803010 O-RINGS EPR AN10 (10ea.) $12.00 $8.75
X-803012 O-RINGS EPR AN12 (10ea.) $12.00 $8.75
X-803016 O-RINGS EPR AN16 (5ea.) $7.99 $5.00
X-803020 O-RINGS EPR AN20 (5ea.) $11.02 $6.89
X-890203 STAT-O-SEAL 3/16 (pr) $3.98 $2.91
X-890204 STAT-O-SEAL 1/4 (pr) $3.98 $2.91
X-890212 STAT-O-SEAL 3/4 (pr) $7.42 $5.41
X-890216 STAT-O-SEAL 1 (pr) $10.63 $7.75
X-890106 AN6 CRUSH WASHERS 9/16 I.D. (5ea.) $6.55 $4.78
X-890110 AN10 CRUSH WASHERS 7/8 I.D. (5ea.) $6.55 $4.78