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Dzus Installation

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How to Install DZUS Panels & Springs

  • Dzus plate

  • Dzus button

  • Dzus spring

  • Mounting surface

  • Body panel

  • 2 aluminum pop rivets

  • 2 steel pop rivets

  • Panel double and 4 aluminum solid rivets (if applicable)

  • Drill or punch for a 3/8" hole

  • Drill bits - #30 and 3/8", or Unibit

  • Dimpling tool and 2-9/16" wrenches

  • Dzus wrench

  • Transfer punch

  • Pop riveter

  • Soft hammer or rawhide mallet

  • Deburr knife

  • 100 countersink

Step 1. Weld plate to mounting surface.

Plate should be bent about 1/4" from the bottom at 30 to 45.  Plate is now ready to weld to the mounting surface.

Step 2. Temporarily install spring with
aluminum pop rivets.

Install spring on the dimpled side of the plate with 2 aluminum 1/8" x 3/16" pop rivets. Use steel rivets for the final installation.

Step 3. Use transfer punch to mark hole position.

Insert transfer punch into the plate with the slot over the spring. Position panel and tap outside of panel directly over the punch with a soft hammer.

Step 4. Punch or drill 3/8" hole, then dimple panel with dimpling tool.

Deburr the hole. Dimple the panel with the dimpling tool, making sure the dimple will point towards the plate. Tighten dimpler with 9/16" wrenches until flush with panel on both sides.

Step 5. Install doubler for extra panel strength. (optional)

Align the doubler on the panel and drill the 4 holes in the panel using a #30 drill. Countersink the rivet holes. Permanently install the doubler with solid rivets. Adjust the spring tension so the button has a positive lock when installed.

Step 6. Drill out aluminum pop rivets and permanently install spring with 2 1/8"x 3/16"steel pop rivets

Final installation of the spring is usually done after the mounting surface is painted.

Step 7. A wrench, a 1/4 turn, and you're done!

Place panel with dimpled side against the plate and insert the Dzus button. The button only takes a 1/4 turn to secure the panel to the mounting surface.

Front and back view of a
properly installed button assembly.