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Car Tiedowns

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DJ Safety manufactures a wide variety of heavy-duty Straps & Tie Downs for transporting and towing. They are designed for ease of use and strength. Also provides protection of your vehicle's paint and chrome. Call us if you need assistance in determining the correct Tie Downs.

Non-Ratchet Tie Downs Ratchet Tie Downs Tow Straps

Straps & Tie Downs


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DJ-236205.8 INLINE RATCHET TIEDOWN w/ LOOP 8ft $36.15 $31.99
DJ-236201.12 INLINE RATCHET TIEDOWN 12ft $36.15 $31.99
DJ-237207 NON-RATCHET ADJ TIEDOWNS 12-48in w/ LOOP $26.90 $23.99
DJ-237208 NON-RATCHET ADJ TIEDOWNS 12-72in $22.70 $19.99
DJ-237214 ATTACHMENT STRAP 2 x 14in $15.28 $11.99
DJ-237224 ATTACHMENT STRAP 2 x 24in $16.30 $11.99
DJ-238044 D-RING TIEDOWN ANCHOR PLATE $10.92 $9.99
DJ-241202 TOW STRAP 14ft HOOK & LOOP $35.74 $31.99