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Blower Stages

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  Root Style Superchargers

Blowers are assembled by hand with heavy-duty competition components. The same parts used to assemble our Top Fuel blowers are the same parts used in all of our blowers. Heavy-duty bearings and special double lipped Teflon seals are used to ensure long life. The heavy-duty bearing plates and cases are machined to precise specifications that produce the most efficient blower possible. Our blowers are fully show polished as a standard feature. Unpolished blowers are a special order.

Blower Efficiency and Specific Blower Applications

In order for a supercharger to perform up to its maximum potential, it must be assembled, clearance, and setup specifically for the application for which it will be used. Stages specify which blower suits your requirements when you place your order or let the experts determine the correct Stage for you. CAUTION: Failure to follow the guidelines outlined below could result in blower failure. We our not responsible for failures due to the improper use of blowers. The different Stages and their intended uses are as follows:

Stage 1

Used in almost all-street applications using "pump gas". Capable of producing a maximum of 12-15lbs. of boost in most systems, not exceeding engine speeds in excess of 7000RPM.

Stage 2

Used in high performance street systems, bracket racing, marine and/or dirty racing environments using high-octane gas. The interior of the blower is hard anodized for added strength and efficiency. Capable of producing 15lbs. of boost and more on engines turning in excess of 7500 RPM.

Stage 3

Used for high performance racing applications on gas. Hard anodized and Teflon stripped on the lips of the rotors. This blower is capable of very high boost levels and high engine RPM. Designed for street, strip, and off shore systems.

Stage 4

Used for high performance racing applications using alcohol and/or nitro-methane for fuel. Hard anodized and stripped with both Nylatron and Teflon, this blower is capable of extremely high boost levels and engine RPM’s. Intended for competition use only.


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