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1/2in Pitch8mm8mmGT13.9mm14mm14mmGT







1/2in Pitch Blower Pulley


8mm HTD Blower Pulley

45T3.5in Wide - Polished Alum1eaLike New$70
50T2.5in wide - Alum1eaNEW $70
65T3.5in wide with Center Offset1eaNEW $95
72T2.5in wide.  3-Hole Bolt Pattern1eaGood$65
73T3.5in wide1eaGood$65

8mmGT Blower Pulley

56T3.5in wide - Mag 3/4 Offset1eaVGC$65
 64T3.5 Wide - Alum HA1eaVGC$105
72T3.5in wide - Alum HA1eaVGC$110
72T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Very small nicks1eaNew !$120
72T3.5in wide - Alum HA1eaNew/ Demo!$115
78T3.5in wide - Mag
Center Offset
1eaNew/ Demo!$165


13.9mm Blower Pulley


2.75in wide - HA Alum



26T3.5in Wide - HA Alum. Oblong Bolt Hole1eaLike New$60
27T3.5in wide - Alum Oblong Bolt Hole1eaGOOD$50
30T3in Wide - Mag. Cooling Holes1eaVGC$50
30T3.5in wide - HA Alum1eaNEW$75
30T3.5in wide - Mag. 3/4 Offset1eaNEW/DEMO$70


3in Wide - Mag. 1/2 offset - Oblong Bolt Hole





2.75in Wide - Alum





2.875in Wide - Alum





3in Wide - Mag 3 Hole.
Blower Pattern





2.25in Wide - Mag Oblong Bolt Hole




40T3.5in Wide - Mag. Oblong Bolt Hole1eaGood$85
42T3.5in Wide - HA Alum. Oblong Bolt Hole1eaGood$75

14mm Blower Pulley

24T3.5in Wide - Hard Anodized 3/4in Offset1eaVGC$70
24T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 2eaNEW$80
25T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 2eaNEW$75
27T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 3eaNEW$75
28T3.5in wide - Alum HA1eaVGC$60
29T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 1eaNEW$75
31T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 2eaNEW$75
31T3.5in wide - Alum HA1eaVGC$60
32T3.5in wide - Alum HA1eaVGC$60
33T3in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole. Was Mocked Up1eaNEW / Demo$83
33T3.00in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 1eaNEW$85
34T3.00in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 2eaNEW$85
37T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 4eaNEW$95
38T3.00in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 3eaNEW$85
40T3.5in wide - Alum HA1eaLIKE NEW$75
40T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 3eaNEW$105
41T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 1eaNEW$105
42T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 2eaNEW$110
43T3.5in wide - Alum HA. Oblong Bolt Hole 1eaNEW$110
46T3.5in wide - Alum HA1eaDemo/New$145
49T3.5in wide - Non HA1eaGOOD$135
51T3.5in wide - Non HA1eaVGC$145

14mmGT Blower Pulley
36T3.5in Wide - Alum HA. 1eaLIKE NEW$95
41T3.5in Wide - Alum HA. Center Offset1eaVGC$140


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